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The Musician's Notebook

8-Bit Music Theory

8-Bit Music Theory

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The Musician’s Notebook has partnered with the creator of 8-Bit Music Theory to bring you the perfect notebook for writing, analyzing, and annotating music.

The outside cover features 8-Bit’s iconic piano graphic, and the inside cover has a hand-drawn diagram analyzing the chord progression and voicing played at the start of each video. Each page has college-ruled lines for note-taking, along with staves with ample space for analysis and annotations.

Support 8-Bit’s excellent videos buy picking up a copy of this book!


  • 5.5” x 8.5”

  • Wire Bound

  • 8 Staves per page (right)

  • College Ruled lines (left)

Hand-Signed Edition

Really excited to have hand-signed books by 8-Bit! Some back story: we had a shipment of books that was damaged in transit. They are completely functional, but the covers are all a bit scuffed. It seemed like a waste to throw out perfectly good books, so 8-Bit agreed to hand sign all of them in order to be able to offer a keepsake to fans. We don't have a ton of these, so pick up yours today!

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